Golconda Fort

Golconda Fort – Hyderabad Tourist places

Hyderabad City attracts many tourists because of its “must see” and attractive places.

Golconda Fort in Hyderabad City
Golconda Fort in Hyderabad City

There are many world famous popular places and there are many unpopular beautiful places like the one I discussed in my previous post “Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple in Kphb”.

Golconda is one of the popular and important tourist places in Hyderabad City that every south Indian wants to visit.

You will come to know the following points in this Article about Golconda Fort.

Canteen in The Mighty Fort
  • Our Experience in Golconda Fort.
  • Secrets of Golconda Fort
  • Why many ponds in Golconda Fort
  • Canteen in Golconda
  • Problem of Drinking Water in the Fort
  • A lonely Area in Golconda
  • Rumors on this Mighty Fort

Golconda Fort in Hyderabad is a Well-known Tourist Place.

Entrance of the Golla Konda

Every Person, who did their schooling will know about Golconda and might have visited as an excursion from their school.

Yes. Even I visited This Golconda Fort with my school friends. My school teachers took us as an outing.

About Golconda:

A trip to Golconda Fort with Friends

This fort is a mighty fort which is a symbol of royal life of Qutub shah Dynasty.

How to reach this place :

While Coming Down from the Fort of Kohinoor Diamond

As we stay at Kukapally, we went by Metro till Ameerpet and from there we took an auto and went till Mehadipatnam from there we went by bus.

Yes I know there we made a mess. There are few easier routes. But…..

Our Experience In Golconda Fort : 

Golconda Fort Hyderabad Tourist Places

To enter, there was a small gate and then you will find ticket counter . After that you will cross a big wall and then you will see the Mighty Golconda Fort.

At the entrance, you will find many people clapping.

This sound will be heard to the people who were on the top of the fort.

This is the specialty of this fort. The Great SOUND SYSTEM.

Kings in those days use to know if any stranger or enemies enters the palace with this Sound System. Great isn’t it?

Then you will pass the Golconda Canteen.

Canteen in Golconda Fort

Trust me. You will not find anything except Popcorns, Few Cool Drinks, Coffee and Tea.

If you didn’t take your food, will suffer with hunger.

Now, you will enter into a big ground. Then very very big walls.

I felt like they are standing as the Witness of our History. As if they have seen many Victories, Downfalls Queens and Kings.

Here You will get confused where to go.

All sides, you will see steps, halls and interesting..

We went left side and the steps began there.

The steps are very big and very hard to climb.

Toughest part in Golconda visit.

Steps on Golconda Fort hyderabad

But alter climbing, half of the steps and we turn our heads back……..

The view was amazing. I felt like I am seeing the entire Hyderabad. This view gave us full strength to climb the remaining steps.

We went some times by running, sometimes laughing and filly we went almost to the top. There was a temple for Mother Goddess. We couldn’t able to go inside.

The view was really really and really amazing and beautiful.

View From Golconda Fort

But one thing we didn’t liked is there is no water on the way t the top from steps. I really felt this disgusting

We took many photos there and while coming down, I saw one or two water taps, connecting to the water tanks constructed . But we don’t know the quality of the water.

Gardens in  Fort Hyderabad

Will they take care of cleaning those tanks regularly?

Are they protected from dust and other bacteria?

We don’t know.

But we can wash our face at least.

A lonely Place in Fort :

Secrets of Golconda Fort

When we entered the fort, on one area we found “No Entry Board” When we see “No” we feel like doing that work.

So, we jumped the board and went inside. We saw the area which was shooted in “Pokiri “ Movie.

We went little inside. and saw few steps down.

Hesitatingly we went there. May that was the end of one side of the fort. Here was a very big wall and don’t know what’s there on the other side.

We saw many birds on the wall of that fort.

They all suddenly started flying around us. May be because of the sounds made by us. I took the video of the those birds.

But the area was nice. All ruined walls and the area reminds the movie “Bhagamathy”

Nice experience. There is a dedicated page for Golconda in one of the tutorials website

Secrets I came to know about Golconda Fort after my Visit :

The Mighty Hyderabad Fort in Hyderabad City
  1. Why there were many ponds in Golconda Fort
  2. Secret of Sound System in Fort
  3. Secret Underground channel till Charminar
  4. Why the name Golconda

Secret of ponds in Golconda:

golconda fort view

Olden day’s people use to believe that by looking into mirrors, they will get age spots on their faces. So, the queens in Golconda fort used water ponds to see their faces instead of mirrors. Isn’t it strange?

Sound System in the fort:

The rulers of Golconda Fort always had the danger of Enemies. SO, the engineers of those days constructed the fort in such a way that if any one claps from the main entrance, it will be heard by the soldiers who are at the top of the fort.

By this system, they can easily know if any strange person or enemies enters the fort.

A Secret Underground road:

Top of Golconda Fort

People believe that there is a secret underground chamber in the fort which connects Charminar. It is believed that This secret route was constructed to escape at the time of emergency. But till now nobody found this route. May be in future, someone will found this secret. Let’s wait for that day.

The Name Golconda:

Its real name was Golla Konda. Means the fort of Shepherds.  And by time it became Golconda.

Shadow of the History of the Fort


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